Schöne Rosen sollst Du schenken
immer in Gedenken
an die Liebe, die uns bindet
die sich immer wieder findet
im Himmel und auf Erden
ewiglich im Werden
ewiglich im Sein
Ewiglich im Mein und Dein

29.02.2024, 12:23 Uhr/
01.02.2024, 11:44 Uhr

Wahrheit, Liebe, Gewissen

Die Wahrheit stirbt nicht, 
die Liebe schafft das Leben, 
das Gewissen richtet uns.

17.Nov.2018, 6:00 Ihr

Folter, Wahrheit und Liebe

Wer foltert
will die Wahrheit nicht wissen

Nur der, der liebt
wird die Wahrheit erfahren

31.03.2020, 1:40 Uhr

Gewidmet an Julian Assange


Do what you love (with refrain)

Do what you love

Become a human

Accept the pain

Play like a child

again and again

do what you love

but do do do 

Go to your neighbor

he is mankind

like you

just start playing

be like a fool

you never feel lonely 

because he is you

But do do do

Kick out the money

it never will kiss

so what can you miss?

But do do do

Come to me

touch me

Show what you love

But do do do

Play the music 

and dance, dance, dance

leave the prison

kiss your romance

But do do do

The birds are singing

No evil on board

the day is your friend

set sails for the sea

feel brave and feel free

But do do do

And always be assured

God is part of your heart

Do do do do do do ....

April 2016

Kiss the hell out of them

Turn them to humans
Give them brain
But don't forget the heart
they need to gain

Without a heart there is no blood
No strength, no honour, no truth
The only thing you can loose
Is your material pain prison

No guilt any more, only believe
Time is no longer a thief
Cowards will no longer reign
The pain was not in vain

the fight is won
the job is done
Now begins the shame
nobody will longer blame

We start anew the game

The Towers of fraud
are razed to the grounds
making place 
for the cathedrals 
of truth and light

We will succeed and win the light
and love and piece is our fight
No money any more to seperate us
No creditor no debtor

We will unite with 




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