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The Social Darwinism Fraud
Left Hook Archives 2019 10-5

Excerpted from Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation, Chapter 7: The Social Darwinism Fraud

It is important to understand the historical transition of the methodology employed by the Illuminati in their never-ending quest to control the people and resources of planet earth.Paramount is the shift from open confrontation with and violent suppression of liberation movements, to more subtle forms of psychological warfare-waged control and distortion of information through the mass media. Perception management is the name of the game.This battle for our minds takes many forms, but begins by inserting key philosophical premises into the public consensus. One of the most insidious of these is social Darwinism, which preaches “survival of the fittest” and reinforces the top-down dominance paradigm. This fraudulent Luciferian world view - reinforced by corporate-funded “scientific” research - needs to be deconstructed and discredited if we are to progress as a species.Charles Darwin’s expedition was funded by European nobility. He was himself a Freemason. Despite this elite pedigree, Darwin’s research led him to one very important conclusion, and it was not the “survival of the fittest” mantra that the global elite have since employed to justify everything from colonialism and slavery to private central banking and monopoly capitalism. Rather, Darwin’s central thesis was that the survival of a species was dependent on a high degree of cooperation within that species.I grew up on a 2,000 acre ranch and have lived in the country almost my entire life. I have hunted, trapped, fished, raised livestock and had pets. I have hiked countless miles of backcountry Montana trails where I’ve encountered grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose and wolverine. My wife and I recently went on a safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.Through all of these experiences I have never seen two wild animals locked in mortal combat. What I have seen is cooperation at many levels, not only within species, but between species. Yet if you watch any Royal Geographic Society-funded documentary on wildlife, the theme of conflict is omnipresent.Take a walk in the woods and you will hear songbirds warning the fox that you are headed her way. Observe a herd of deer and you will see the fit, healthy individuals watching out and waiting for the young, injured or sick members. Visit Kruger and you will see warthogs sticking close to the zebras. The zebras can see above the bushveld and watch for lions, while the smaller warthogs, with their razor-sharp tusks, can give a lion problems for long enough to allow a zebra to escape an ambush.I had two dogs for nearly fifteen years. Buck, the larger dog, deferred to Milo, the smaller but older dog, his entire life. They never once had a physical confrontation. Though Buck was easily the stronger of the two, he saw no need to be the “big dog”. Buck knew that cooperation was a much easier path. In turn Milo never abused his respected position of “elder”.I later adopted a family of three male cats. When Bob caught a mouse, he would often give it to Loris. When Loris caught one he would give it to Harvey. We used to wait in anticipation to see if they would fight over it, but they never did. Often they would triangulate and hunt together, while also keeping a lookout for bigger predators.Of course confrontation occurs in the animal community, mostly during the rut and when food is scarce. Boys will be boys. And all living beings must eat. But why does the Tavistock perception management media focus so much on these rare incidents and so little on the much more prevalent cooperation within the natural community? Because doing so would shatter the myth that monopoly capitalism is a natural economic system.Greed is not natural. Cooperation is. We are inherently loving.The global elite have utilized this same phony version of neo-Darwinism in their portrayal of indigenous people. We are told, usually when justifying some oil war for Exxon Mobil or Citibank, that “Indians were constantly at war (blah, blah, blah),too.” Yet any cultural anthropologist worth their salt will tell you that Native Americans rarely waged inter-tribal war during the 100,000+ years before European contact.Pre-contact tribes also didn’t have one “alpha” chief. They had tribal councils, consisting of elderly men and women whose life experiences were valued. Young physically strong hunters were always expected to show deference to these elders. Among the Lakota, the hunter who made the kill always ate last, reinforcing the virtue of humility and discouraging arrogance. Might was not right in tribal society. The very concept of “chief” was foisted upon native people by the Crown colonizers.The Luciferian European nobility saw this socialist tribal model as a threat to their growing industrial capitalist empire. So their hired guns led by Albert Pike - founder of both Scottish-Rite Freemasonry in the US and the Ku Klux Klan - launched the Indian Wars.These mercenaries also taught Indians to collect scalps, paying them a bounty before sending the scalps back to the Euro-inbreds who did God knows what with them. The Crown Agent Skull & Bones Society reportedly keeps Geronimo's skull in its Yale University house of horrors.Pike’s troops then hand-picked tribal “chiefs” of low character that were easily bought - usually with whiskey. These “chiefs” replaced the traditional tribal councils, signed treaties giving away tribal land, and were bribed into attacking other tribes to create the disunity necessary for the Illuminati to destroy the Native American nature-based model of living with the earth instead of pilfering it.Pike was a 33rd degree Mason and Crown Agent. He brought Freemasonry to America at Charleston, SC in the 1870’s. His book Morals and Dogmaserves as a bible for US Freemasons today. In the book Pike proclaims the Satanic bent of Freemasonry espousing, “The Masonic Religion should be by all of us initiates in the High Degrees maintained in the purity of the Luciferic Doctrine”.Neo-Darwinism is a diabolical, fear-laden Luciferian way of thinking about the world. It is a reality at odds with nature. The dominance paradigm it justifies is a Western industrial human construct conjured up as a rationale for past, present and future subjugation of the planet and its people by the Illuminati bloodline elite.One last thought: If control over the global economy really is as simple as “survival of the fittest” and “alpha male dominance”, shouldn’t Evander Holyfield own Bank of America, while Goldman Sachs’ scrawny CEO Lloyd Blankfein rents a cockroach-infested shack in Harlem?

Illuminati Agenda 21
The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation
Dean and Jill Henderson team up to follow the destructive trail of Luciferian hegemony from the Garden of Eden into Ancient Sumeria and the City of London. The Illuminati Crown threatens to strip us of our humanity, replace us with machines, and destroy Creation through technology, but only if we forget where we came from.

Dean Henderson is the author of seven books, including, Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf, Illuminati Agenda 21, Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse and Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering. Subscribe free to his Left Hook column at deanhenderson.substack.comJill Henderson, is the author of four books, The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs, The Garden Seed Saving Guide, The Ozarks: A Year in the High Country and co-author of Illuminati Agenda 21. She blogs at Show Me Ozand her artwork is featured at Forever Pet Portraits. Jill has been a long-time Contributing Author to Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac and Acres USA magazine.



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